American Quality with Torrance Pride

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Highly-Engineered Close-Tolerance Castings



Casting Availability:   

Since July 2014 we have been 99% on-time for customers requiring 3 week lead times.

Operating Philosophy:

Torrance Casting is in the business of providing our customers castings and service which meet their needs and specifications 100% of the time.  This commitment to excellence is to be accomplished in a profitable manner using the most cost efficient means, while dedicating ourselves to openness, honesty, and the highest moral and ethical standards in dealing with our customers, suppliers, fellow employees and governmental agencies.

Iron Types Poured: 

Gray, Ductile, Austempered Ductile, & Ni-Hard Iron Castings up to 500 Lbs.    


Product Areas:  

Engine & Motor Housings, Valve Bodies, Wear Plates, Flywheels, Fire Hydrant Parts, Pistons, Gear Blanks, Water Cooled Exhaust Manifolds, Power Transmission Components & Air  Conditioning Unit Headers.




Squeezer, Cope & Drag and Automatic Green Sand Mold production.
Cold Box, Oil-Sand and Shell Core production.
Induction Melting.
Complete Casting Cleaning.
Sand Control Testing.
Casting Inspection.
Bar Coding.
Prototype & Pattern Equipment Production.
Powder Coating System.



lacrossemap.jpg (213902 bytes)Torrance Casting, Inc. is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
La Crosse is nestled in the scenic bluffs of the upper Mississippi River valley.
This city is a hub for Air, Rail, Barge & Truck routes (I-90) in the Upper Midwest.


120 Miles from Twin Cities, MN Area 380 Miles from Omaha, NE Area
180 Miles from Milwaukee, WI Area 480 Miles from Indianapolis, IN Area
260 Miles from Chicago, IL Area 480 Miles from Kansas City, MO Area
260 Miles from Des Moines, IA Area 500 Miles from St Louis, MO Area
300 Miles from Sioux Falls, SD Area 500 Miles from Toledo, OH Area


Quality Castings with On-Time Delivery:

Our customers have come to depend on timely deliveries and defect-free, quality castings.  They can schedule their factory requirements with the expectation that our castings will meet their needs and arrive on time.  Our castings are checked for dimensional accuracy and correct chemical composition.  We have two coordinate measuring machines, a SPECTRO Mass Spectrometer, Brinell testing, ultrasound and microstructure evaluation equipment. A high-value low-cost product is the result.


" 'American Quality with Torrance Pride' is not only our motto, but our century-old philosophy.  You can see that pride in our people and the superior castings they manufacture."

William A. Torrance


Contact Information

   Telephone No.:  608-781-0600
                Fax No.:  608-781-2333
  Postal address:  3131 Commerce Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603
  Member of American Foundry Society:
  Member of  Ductile Iron Society: